Wild Camp Spots

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Wild Camping in Northern Ireland

Please remember that Northern Ireland doesn’t legally allow wildcamping in any way and all you are entirely at the mercy of the person or body that owns the land you are considering staying on. The Northern Ireland Forestry Service own most forests and they expressly ban camping except at designated organised campsites. The wildcamp spots listed on this site are areas know to be popular and where no authority has yet complained officially about campers (to our knowledge), however you should check before using them.

Leave No Trace Camping

Please remember that wild camping spots will have no bins or toilets and no-one will be officially responsible for maintenance. You must leave the area tidy and carry all your rubbish home. Leaving the spots in a mess will ultimately result in more strenuous policing.

See here for more info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leave_no_trace


Please be careful if lighting a fire, do not make stone circles (but use if already there), instead learn how to make a safe fire. Make sure fires are monitored at all times and complete extinguished before leaving. Once a fire is out all traces should be removed.

See here for more info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campfire

2 Responses to Wild Camp Spots

  1. arlene wallace says:

    as a shamanic practitioner I was wondering if I could hold a vision quest somewhere where i could keep a fire lit all night, the fire would be guarded at all times and before i left in the morning I would make sure it was fully extinguished. Thank you for your time, Arlene