Bloody Bridge Campsite

Bloody Bridge Campsite is a set of fields made available by the owning farmer for official camping. The site has toilets and showers and fires are allowed with permission. It is at roughly J388270, drive to Bloody Bridge Car Park and enter the lane by the Bloody Bridge Trail. Be warned, the lane can be difficult in low cars.

Telephone : 07788127730




Bloody Bridge Campsite

One Response to Bloody Bridge Campsite

  1. Donna says:

    We recently stayed here as a family after deciding it looked like a lovely private area to camp as a family. Upon arrival we were met by the site owner who informed us he charged six pound per person, per night. There was also a charge for firewood per night as you are not allowed to buy your own. All in all as a family of five the cost for camping two nights was sixty pounds, which is a disgrace! We actually given a discount for our two year old instead of 6 pounds we were charged 3. I think it is a disgrace we were actually charged for a toddler! In the first field there was a large group of lager louts who were blaring music and were also accompanied by two pitbull type dogs. We later discovered this when after waking the first morning we discovered dog mess all around our tent. I could not believe the site owner would permit these dogs on what is supposedly a family friendly site. Th toilets were clean however the showers are not private the only thing to hide your modesty from people using the toilets is a filmsy shower curtain. Overall I would not recommend this site Tullymore forrest park offers camping for a flat fee of £12 per night no matter how many are camping in comparision to £60.