Mountain List

Mountain Element Height Irish Grid Lat/Long Map Links
Altataggart Mountain 445m J228239 54.14931,-6.12175 OSM Goog
Annalong Buttress 530m J348270 54.17413,-5.93683 OSM Goog
Ardglash 320m J276297 54.20021,-6.04588 OSM Goog
Ballynagelty 370m J195167 54.08543,-6.17507 OSM Goog
Ballyvally Mountain 300m J174252 54.16224,-6.20384 OSM Goog
Ben Crom 526m J312260 54.16609,-5.99236 OSM Goog
Black Stairs 370m J364291 54.19257,-5.91140 OSM Goog
Blaeberry Mountain 520m J364251 54.15665,-5.91321 OSM Goog
Butter Mountain 505m J275279 54.18408,-6.04817 OSM Goog
Carmeen 310m J186260 54.16915,-6.18516 OSM Goog
Carnadranna summit 360m J181261 54.17016,-6.19278 OSM Goog
Carnadranna south peak 365m J180259 54.16839,-6.19439 OSM Goog
Carn Mountain summit 588m J288259 54.16580,-6.02912 OSM Goog
Carn Mountain (2) lesser NE summit 557m J289264 54.17026,-6.02738 OSM Goog
Chimney Rock Mountain summit 656m J364257 54.16204,-5.91293 OSM Goog
Chimney Rock Mountain (2) Carrs Face 550m J367262 54.16645,-5.90812 OSM Goog
Chimney Rock Mountain (3) The Long Mountain 520m J367255 54.16017,-5.90844 OSM Goog
Chimney Rock Mountain (4) North west face 630m J359261 54.16576,-5.92040 OSM Goog
Cloghmore Glen 300m J191172 54.09001,-6.18098 OSM Goog
Cock Mountain summit 504m J253268 54.17474,-6.08230 OSM Goog
Cock Mountain (2) lesser summit 500m J252266 54.17297,-6.08392 OSM Goog
Cove Mountain summit 655m J336270 54.17445,-5.95520 OSM Goog
Cove Mountain (2) Upper Cove 600m J335269 54.17358,-5.95677 OSM Goog
Cove Mountain (3) Lower Cove 410m J336260 54.16547,-5.95564 OSM Goog
Craigdoo 408m J271297 54.20034,-6.05353 OSM Goog
Craigdoo SE lesser peak, Sheepfold 407m J273295 54.19849,-6.05055 OSM Goog
Crannoge 350m J366267 54.17097,-5.90942 OSM Goog
Crenville 460m J207186 54.10221,-6.15598 OSM Goog
Crossone 544m J367274 54.17722,-5.90757 OSM Goog
Crotlieve Mountain 347m J209238 54.14886,-6.15085 OSM Goog
Deers Meadow 370m J272259 54.16619,-6.05360 OSM Goog
Doan 593m J302261 54.16724,-6.00762 OSM Goog
Eagle Mountain summit 638m J244230 54.14084,-6.09764 OSM Goog
Eagle Mountain (2) The Slates 580m J246232 54.14259,-6.09450 OSM Goog
Eagle Mountain (3) Great Gully 520m J248223 54.13446,-6.09182 OSM Goog
Finlieve summit 579m J236204 54.11769,-6.11094 OSM Goog
Finlieve (2) Red Bog 490m J242202 54.11575,-6.10185 OSM Goog
Finlieve (3) Red Moss 470m J247199 54.11293,-6.09433 OSM Goog
Finlieve (4) Finlieve More 360m J233192 54.10699,-6.11601 OSM Goog
Glen Fofanny 340m J374274 54.17704,-5.89686 OSM Goog
Glenmore 300m J185262 54.17097,-6.18662 OSM Goog
Gruggandoo 380m J201256 54.16521,-6.16237 OSM Goog
Grugganskeagh 310m J189261 54.16998,-6.18053 OSM Goog
Hares Castle 430m J344254 54.15987,-5.94367 OSM Goog
Hares Gap 435m J322286 54.18917,-5.97592 OSM Goog
Hen Mountain Summit Tor 360m J245276 54.18212,-6.09422 OSM Goog
Hen Mountain (2) South Tor 340m J246275 54.18120,-6.09273 OSM Goog
Hen Mountain (3) The Tower 330m J243275 54.18127,-6.09732 OSM Goog
Hen Mountain (4) West Tor 330m J243275 54.18127,-6.09732 OSM Goog
Knockchree 305m J271170 54.08631,-6.05887 OSM Goog
Knockshee 346m J221160 54.07854,-6.13564 OSM Goog
Leckan More 355m J186215 54.12874,-6.18693 OSM Goog
Leganabruchan 410m J374275 54.17793,-5.89682 OSM Goog
Long Seefin 345m J357275 54.17839,-5.92283 OSM Goog
Lough Garran 350m J199170 54.08803,-6.16884 OSM Goog
Lugagour 360m J270292 54.19587,-6.05528 OSM Goog
Lukes Mountain 391m J327304 54.20521,-5.96747 OSM Goog
Millstone Mountain 459m J373284 54.18604,-5.89794 OSM Goog
Millstone Mountain (2) Drinneevar 310m J376287 54.18865,-5.89321 OSM Goog
Moolieve 332m J312218 54.12838,-5.99418 OSM Goog
Mullagharve 330m J198261 54.16977,-6.16676 OSM Goog
Ott Mountain 525m J283269 54.17490,-6.03635 OSM Goog
Percy Bysshe 355m J329250 54.15667,-5.96679 OSM Goog
Pierces Castle 465m J234239 54.14916,-6.11257 OSM Goog
Pigeon Rock Mountain summit NNW 536m J261250 54.15838,-6.07081 OSM Goog
Pigeon Rock Mountain (2) Pigeon Rock 440m J263236 54.14577,-6.06834 OSM Goog
Pigeon Rock Mountain (3) Left Hand Buttress 405m J265234 54.14392,-6.06536 OSM Goog
Pigeon Rock Mountain (4) Right Hand Buttress 410m J266236 54.14569,-6.06375 OSM Goog
Pigeon Rock Mountain (5) SSE peak 534m J264244 54.15292,-6.06647 OSM Goog
Rocky Mountain I 405m J233258 54.16625,-6.11332 OSM Goog
Rocky Mountain II 382m J239181 54.09696,-6.10730 OSM Goog
Rocky Mountain II (2) Slieveroe 390m J248186 54.10124,-6.09334 OSM Goog
Rocky Mountain III 524m J350252 54.15792,-5.93458 OSM Goog
Shanlieve 627m J240226 54.13735,-6.10392 OSM Goog
Shelter Lough Shannagh 360m J297262 54.16826,-6.01522 OSM Goog
Slieve Bearnagh Summit Tor 739m J312280 54.18404,-5.99149 OSM Goog
Slieve Bearnagh (2) North Tor 735m J315282 54.18576,-5.98681 OSM Goog
Slieve Bearnagh (3) Bearnagh Slabs 590m J310281 54.18499,-5.99451 OSM Goog
Slieve Bearnagh (4) Pollaphuca 515m J310283 54.18679,-5.99442 OSM Goog
Slieve Beg summit 595m J341276 54.17970,-5.94728 OSM Goog
Slieve Beg (2) Devils Coachroad 580m J339275 54.17886,-5.95038 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian Summit Tor 747m J320234 54.14254,-5.98125 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (2) South Tor 660m J320230 54.13895,-5.98143 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (3) The Back Castles 690m J319238 54.14616,-5.98261 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (4) North Tor 700m J317244 54.15159,-5.98541 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (5) Buzzards Roost 535m J320250 54.15690,-5.98056 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (6) Blue Lough Buttress 460m J326247 54.15406,-5.97151 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (7) Douglas Crag 457m J329242 54.14949,-5.96714 OSM Goog
Slieve Binnian (8) Lesser SE peak 635m J326231 54.13969,-5.97221 OSM Goog
Slieve Commedagh summit cairn 767m J346286 54.18855,-5.93918 OSM Goog
Slieve Commedagh (2) Pot of Legawherry 620m J338286 54.18876,-5.95142 OSM Goog
Slieve Commedagh (3) Pot of Pulgarve 720m J347289 54.19122,-5.93751 OSM Goog
Slieve Commedagh (4) The Castles 640m J347279 54.18224,-5.93796 OSM Goog
Slieve Commedagh (5) Shan Slieve 685m J347291 54.19301,-5.93742 OSM Goog
Slieve Corragh 640m J337286 54.18879,-5.95296 OSM Goog
Slieve Donard summit (Great Carn) 850m J358277 54.18016,-5.92121 OSM Goog
Slieve Donard (2) Eagle Rock 730m J358283 54.18554,-5.92094 OSM Goog
Slieve Donard (3) Lesser Carn 825m J359278 54.18103,-5.91964 OSM Goog
Slieve Donard (4) Donard – Commedagh Col 585m J349279 54.18219,-5.93490 OSM Goog
Slieve Donard (5) Bog of Donard 520m J354267 54.17128,-5.92778 OSM Goog
Slieve Loughshannagh 620m J294272 54.17732,-6.01939 OSM Goog
Slieve Meelbeg 708m J300279 54.18345,-6.00990 OSM Goog
Slieve Meelmore summit 704m J306287 54.19048,-6.00037 OSM Goog
Slieve Meelmore (2) Spellack 470m J311295 54.19754,-5.99237 OSM Goog
Slieve Meelmore (3) Clonachullion 330m J311297 54.19933,-5.99228 OSM Goog
Slievemiskan 310m J218196 54.11093,-6.13877 OSM Goog
Slieve Muck summit 673m J281249 54.15699,-6.04026 OSM Goog
Slieve Muck (2) lesser summit 627m J279242 54.15076,-6.04361 OSM Goog
Slieveban 395m J201165 54.08350,-6.16598 OSM Goog
Slievebane 390m J197182 54.09885,-6.17142 OSM Goog
Slievedermot 425m J200188 54.10417,-6.16660 OSM Goog
Slievefadda 425m J211169 54.08685,-6.15055 OSM Goog
Slievelamagan summit 704m J329260 54.16565,-5.96635 OSM Goog
Slievelamagan (2) Lamagan Slabs 600m J331256 54.16201,-5.96346 OSM Goog
Slievemageogh 316m J266217 54.12863,-6.06455 OSM Goog
Slievemartin 485m J201176 54.09337,-6.16555 OSM Goog
Slievemeel 420m J211205 54.11918,-6.14911 OSM Goog
Slievemeen 471m J201169 54.08709,-6.16582 OSM Goog
Slievemoughanmore 560m J249240 54.14970,-6.08958 OSM Goog
Slievenabrock 438m J346301 54.20202,-5.93851 OSM Goog
Slievenabrock (2) Tullybranigan 360m J345306 54.20653,-5.93982 OSM Goog
Slieve Roe 364m J184238 54.14944,-6.18909 OSM Goog
Slieve Roe (2) 342m J180231 54.14325,-6.19548 OSM Goog
Slieve Roosley summit 362m J195228 54.14021,-6.17266 OSM Goog
Slieve Roosley (2) lesser north peak 350m J197235 54.14644,-6.16932 OSM Goog
Slievenagarragh 450m J373260 54.16450,-5.89903 OSM Goog
Slievenaglogh I 445m J299230 54.13948,-6.01354 OSM Goog
Slievenaglogh II summit 586m J327291 54.19353,-5.96804 OSM Goog
Slievenaglogh II (2) Diamond Rocks 555m J326299 54.20074,-5.96922 OSM Goog
Slievenaglogh II (3) lesser E peak 573m J330290 54.19256,-5.96349 OSM Goog
Slievenaglogh II (4) lesser NW peak 555m J324294 54.19631,-5.97251 OSM Goog
Slievenagore 335m J293216 54.12706,-6.02331 OSM Goog
Slievenamaddy 450m J354295 54.19642,-5.92653 OSM Goog
Slievenaman 323m J296307 54.20869,-6.01482 OSM Goog
Slievenamiskan 444m J259272 54.17819,-6.07295 OSM Goog
Slievenamuck 390m J275273 54.17869,-6.04842 OSM Goog
Spaltha 479m J270287 54.19138,-6.05549 OSM Goog
Spelga 472m J265280 54.18522,-6.06344 OSM Goog
Spelga Pass 290m J261278 54.18352,-6.06964 OSM Goog
Spences Mountain 517m J366248 54.15391,-5.91028 OSM Goog
The Creats 300m J252189 54.10383,-6.08711 OSM Goog
The Fallow 350m J205193 54.10855,-6.15876 OSM Goog
The Rowans 300m J216184 54.10021,-6.14231 OSM Goog
Thomass Mountain 475m J366289 54.19072,-5.90843 OSM Goog
Tievedockdarragh 473m J223232 54.14314,-6.12968 OSM Goog
Tornamrock 390m J236253 54.16168,-6.10894 OSM Goog
Trainors Rocks 360m J206249 54.15881,-6.15500 OSM Goog
Wee Binnian 459m J316225 54.13456,-5.98776 OSM Goog
Wee Roosley 320m J205248 54.15793,-6.15657 OSM Goog
Wee Slievemoughan 428m J244248 54.15700,-6.09690 OSM Goog
Windy Gap 395m J246237 54.14708,-6.09430 OSM Goog

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