Slieve Binnian

Height : 747m
Grid Ref : J320233
Prominence: 283m

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The third highest mountain in the Mournes at 747 metres is Slieve Binnian. It is named from the Irish Sliabh Binneáin after the rocky tors across it’s summit. It is situated to the West of the Annalong Valley and to the East of Silent Valley.

Slieve Binian Walking Routes

Slieve Binnian is most easily accessed from Carrick Little Car Park on the Head Road from where you can follow the Mourne Wall right to the summit and onwards over Slievelamagan, Cove Mountain and Slieve Beg leaving you on the Brandy Pad. It can also be accessed from Silent Valley Mountain Park by following another wall up and over Wee Binnian. The summit is broad and flat with tors at either end north to south with the “Back Castles” an interesting stone structure inbetween. Goat trails criss cross the summit making it relatively easy to navigate, however finding the descending path from the North Tor to the saddle at Slievelamagan can be difficult and care is required.

Slieve Binnian from Annalong


Annalong Valley from Slieve Binnian

Annalong Valley from the east slopes of Slieve Binnian

Slieve Binnian Points of Interest

Douglas Crag

On the eastern slopes of Slieve Binnian overlooking Annalong Wood is a disused quarry called Douglas Crag. It is a sheer wall created by quarrying accessed by following a wall up Binnian from the end of Annalong Wood.

Slieve Binnian Village

On the south eastern slopes of Slieve Binnan on the other side of the Mourne Wall from the Annalong Valley lies the remains of what appears to be an abandoned quarrying villiage. Rock hut ruins are spread across a landscape littered with part quarried rock. There seems to be little historical information on this area, if anyone can fill in any details please leave a comment.

Slieve Binnian Village Pictures

Slieve Binnian Tunnel

Underneath Slieve Binnian is a tunnel connecting Annalong Valley with Silent Valley. Built in the 1940s the original intention was to erect another dam in Annalong Valley to create another reservoir but problems with the building of the Silent Valley Dam caused the plan to be shelved and a tunnel to direct water from the Annalong River across to Silent Valley was bored instead. It enters at Dunnywater and exits to Silent Valley by the roadside a short walk from the visitors center.

Sam McMurray, the contractor’s engineer standing at the Dunnywater entrance in 1950 C/o BBC

Slieve Binnian Summit Video


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